Form Finishers 451-453

Finally the real universal and versatile form finishers.

Shirt and jacket finisher all in one, for the finishing of shirts, lab coats, T-shirts, jackets, coats, etc., either washed or dry cleaned, with simple changeover between the different operating modes, for top finishing quality. Automatic height adjustable bust for garments of different lengths.


Finishing perfection for shirts and outerwear.

Besides the typical performances of form finishers with pneumatic sleeve tension, this machine offers the big advantage of clamping the garment lower part, tensioning it to keep it perfectly stretched during the finishing process. Basic versatility and additional customizing possibilities according to needs, with a choice of details and optional features.

Model 453 Form Finisher, besides the features of model 451, is equipped with integrated heat recovery device, to reduce the energy consumption at every cycle by recovering the heat, and at the same time to keep a good air quality in the working room.

  • Pneumatically operated carriage, to move the side and rear clamps to the garment lower edge.
  • Pneumatic, height adjustable rear clamp.
  • Pneumatic, height adjustable side clamps, suitable for garments of any shape.
  • Vacuum function in the front to hold the garment during positioning operations.
  • Automatic device to switch off and move away the sleeve arms, for easy operation on the garments.
  • Automatic device to switch between the pre-set pressures of the front clamp, according to drying or finishing requirements.
  • Adjustable shoulder extensions.
  • Computer with storage and selection of nine different finishing programmes.
  • Hot and cold air.
  • Automatic or manual programme ending, for additional functions or brushing operations on the garment.
  • Interchangeable front clamps: heated clamp for shirts and lab coats, cold clamp for jackets and outerwear.
  • Interchangeable collar clamps, for shirts or for jackets.
  • Automatic adjustment of shoulder inclination angle, to switch from shirts to jackets and vice versa.
  • Adjustable sleeve arms, to suit garment height and angle, operated either manually or by joysticks.
  • Flat or round cuff clamps, for long and short sleeves.
  • Height adjustable bust.
  • Photocell for carriage height adjustment.
  • Accessories stand.

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