Extras: Double cuff clamps, for long and short sleeves.

Lab coat finisher 489

Model 489 Form Finisher has been designed and manufactured to perfectly finish lab coats and shirts, dry or wet, with no need for touch-ups, ensuring high hourly production and considerable energy saving.

The tensioning carriage for automatic detection of garment height, the pneumatic clamps and the heated front blade allow an accurate and easy garment positioning.

All clamping and tensioning operations are adjustable, according to fabric quality.

A user-friendly electronic control panel allows to set the finishing times and switch several functions on and off, according to need.

The counter on the control panel enables to check the daily production.

Model 489 is also equipped with an energy saving device, to recycle hot air and reintroduce it into the finishing cycle, with conspicuous advantages for the operator, such as:

  • over 25% reduction in energy consumption
  • reduced amount of hot air in the work place
  • higher temperature of the drying air, with consequent reduction in finishing times and increase in production.

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