Double Shirt Finisher 883

Model 883 is the double-buck version of our shirt finisher. This unique machine stands out for the high hourly productivity

achievable with one operator, the perfect finishing quality

and the high energy saving; moreover, the innovative technologies applied on this new model have brought further improvements, with consequent various advantages, both from an economic and from an operational point of view.

The simple garment positioning operations and the machine ease of use ensure the achievement of excellent results from the beginning, even without qualified staff. Moreover, thanks to the closed structure, the finishing cycle takes place inside, making the workspace healthier and more pleasant, and enabling the recycling and reuse of hot air, which is reintroduced into the finishing cycle, thus reducing the energy consumption and increasing the productivity.

The operator can adjust the position of the sleeves even during the finishing cycle, thanks to the handy joysticks and the excellent internal visibility, given by LED lights.

New Barbanti Touch Screen Computer, with user-friendly and straightforward software, with multiple combinations for the control of functions, piece counter, customizable programs, statistics, fault diagnostic, transmission of machine data, production and productivity, set-up for stand-by function.

La macchina 883 è configurabile con ometti uomo o donna, in modo da avere un range di taglie molto elevato.

The short sleeve tensioning device is independent and adjustable according to sleeve dimensions and angle.

Model 883/551 - Machine in operation

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