Steam Generator G270

This innovative compact design steam generator can be installed in a corner, since any intervention can be performed from the front panel.


Designed taking into account any possible measures to reduce energy consumption and waste of water for condensate cooling.

A patented device reintroduces the condensate directly into the boiler, thus eliminating the backwater tank and ensuring meaningful savings on water and electricity consumption.


Model G270 is equipped with double safety circuit, which controls the steam pressure and temperature, switching off the heating elements automatically in case of malfunction, and with double boiler insulation, consisting in flameproof and highly insulating material.


The steam generator is equipped with three heating units, which can be operated independently, in order to set the boiler power according to the required amount of steam.

(The maximum power is 72 kW, for a production of about 100 kg steam per hour. The working pressure ranges between 4 and 6 bars.)

On request, the steam generator can be supplied with an external tank, for the collection of water coming either from the boiler draining at the end of the day or from the automatic boiler cleaning system. Since this is hot wastewater, it is not permitted to drain it into the sewer until its temperature lowers, as prescribed by the various national laws.


New Barbanti touch screen computer, with user-friendly and straightforward software, with multiple combinations for the control of functions, piece counter and fault diagnostic.

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