Ironing tables T-T/75

Vacuum ironing table with electrically heated buck, thermostat-controlled.

Powerful built-in vacuum unit. For connection to main steam (T) or with automatic 5-litre boiler (T1), with direct water supply, controlled by level switch and solenoid valve. Steam supply for one or two irons (T1 or T2).

Mod. T - T1 Ironing surface 118x45-20 cm

Mod. T/75 - T1/75 Ironing surface 75x120 cm


  • Water pump
  • Iron connection unit
  • Sleeve arm
  • Waistband form
  • Stainless steel spotting arm
  • Steam spotting gun
  • Air/steam spotting gun
  • Iron balancer
  • Overhead light

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