Extras: 18 l, 9000 W built-in boiler; 1500 W,

2 HP fan motor; double clamps; inside/outside tension clamps; anti-stretch function for waistband; touch screen control panel; side waist clamps; air/steam gun.

Trouser Toppers TP65-TP67

Machine for the pretreating and finishing of trousers and jeans of any fabric and size to an industrial standard.

  • Available for connection to steam supply or with electrical built-in boiler.
  • Height-adjustable leg-clamping carriage, also for the finishing of short trousers.
  • Pneumatic clamps for leg tensioning, also crosswise adjustable.
  • Front waistband clamp.
  • Independent adjustment for leg and waistband tension.
  • Further tensioning device.
  • Anti-stretch device for carriage.
  • Piece-counter.
  • Air flow adjustment.
  • Steam superheater.
  • Pneumatic steam valve.
  • Programmable control panel.
  • Nine storable finishing programmes.
  • For special treatments, trousers can be held in tension at the end of the cycle, to allow additional steam and/or air to be given manually by the operator.


Model TP67: same features as Model TP65 (see above descriptions), but with two additional pleat paddles.

On TP65 only: pocket clamps; mechanical size adjustment stop.

Model TP67/P650 - Positioning with spring clamps

Model TP67/P650 - Positioning with flat clamps

Model TP67 - Two trouser toppers with one operator

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