How can we overcome the current crisis?

All industries, from wet cleaning to dry cleaning, from garment manufacturing to Ho.Re.Ca, have been hardly hit by Covid-12 pandemic.
The concept of business we were used to is no longer practicable and needs to be deeply transformed.
During these difficult months, Barbanti has been focusing on strategies and possible solutions to get out of this dark period as fast as possible.

We think that the only possible choice consists in equipping oneself with high-technology machines, capable of ensuring efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness, in order to be prepared for any eventuality.  

As it often happens, investments on technological evolution can radically transform a company’s method of working.

Our machines are ready for this new industrial revolution, as they are equipped with touch-screen control panels ready for Industry 4.0, conceived and manufactured with methods caring for higher environmental sustainability and attention to energy saving.
A modern company must consider that equipping oneself means:

  • Highest flexibility with little staff, to get an increased productivity;
  • Independence from qualified personnel: after a few minutes training, anybody must be able to get good quality and high productivity;
  • Machines that pay for themselves quickly, last many years and are always ready for possible production peaks and work fluctuations.

Barbanti is ready with some very interesting solutions and is working at some more.
As we have always done for over 40 years, we put our customers at the center of our work and try to help them with our experience and knowledge, advising them and simply accompanying them in the search for the most suitable solution for their needs.

We ask customers to try the various products, compare them, read up on them thoroughly and only at that stage choose consciously.

It is necessary to find the courage to analyze one’s own situation and maybe change whatever needs to be changed, because we think this is the only way to survive and start making money again.

Nobody can afford the luxury of standing still.
Einstein once said, about the 1929 crisis: “We cannot expect things to change if we keep doing the same things. […] The crisis brings progress […] Creativity comes from anxiety as the day comes from the dark night. And in the crisis there is inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies. Who overcomes crisis overcomes himself without getting overcome…”

We would never want this to look like an eulogy to the crisis, because this pandemic has been causing pain and suffering, sacrifice, deprivation, fear and anguish; however, exactly as we rolled up our sleeves after the earthquake that hit us in 2012, we must also take the current challenge and do our best to overcome it.

We have to consider it also from this perspective, engaging ourselves, cooperating and… hoping that the sky will clear up again soon.

Happy New Year from the bottom of our hearts!
Angela Barbanti