The American Dry Cleaning Company

London, UK

Julian Stone, owner of The American Dry Cleaning Company (London) talks about his experience.

American Dry Cleaning Company is a multi-award winning leading high end Retail Garment Care specialist, with over 40 prime locations across London. We have always been the go-to brand for service, quality and advice for designer and couture fashion, processing from a large Central Processing Unit in North London.

We chose the Barbanti TP67 Trouser Topper, P650 Trouser Creaser and Pneumatic Hanger stand/clamp release, to reach our clients quality expectations, the sharpness of the creases, the excellent overall finish that the equipment delivers, uniform pressing on the waistbands from the topper, and especially on linen and silks textiles.

The benefits are increased production per hour, with operators that are not originally trained pressers. Effectively enabling us to use less expensive labour, training of new operatives is much faster, whilst increasing our production capacity and improving on our quality.

I run the largest brand by locations and the number of customers visits per week, in London. This is my 31st year since 1990 working in this industry. From my experience the equipment is extremely well built, has been trialled and tested thoroughly in the prototype stages. The finish produced is still as good from the first day we installed the new kit. Furthermore, the support from Barbanti is second to none. From the product warranties to support back up. Good people to work with.

Julian Stone
The American Dry Cleaning Company