The professional equipment in a finishing department must ensure top quality, high productivity, easy operation and perfect finishing results. Last but not least, considering the rise in energy costs, it is advisable to think about energy-saving devices and the opportunity to take advantage of the Industry 4.0 benefits, which are becoming more and more topical.


1. Advice and fairness
Barbanti analyse their customers’ real needs, to best recommend the ideal equipment. Customer satisfaction comes first.

2. Technology
Installing performing machines means being independent from qualified staff. Few people with multiplied productivity.

3. Energy saving: stand-by function
The stand-by function turns off the machine after a preset time in case it is not used, and disconnects it from power and steam, to completely eliminate any consumption.

4. Energy saving
The condensate recirculation and the hot air recovery system enable to optimize not only consumption, but also performance.

5. CB Smart application
CB Smart constantly collects all machine data, records them and translates them in increasingly essential information for a better work organization, for cost containment and for production monitoring.

6. Interconnectivity 4.0
The new Barbanti equipment can meet any kind of need and has received confirmation from a third party on its full compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements for various models.

ATTENTION: from 2023 the percentage will drop from 40 to 20%.

7. Easy maintenance
The Barbanti machines are built in a rational and clean way, to make technical interventions for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance as simple and immediate as possible.

8. Excellent products, strong and durable
Constant, almost maniacal commitment to the search for the perfect combination of flawless finishing results and high productivity.

9. Technical training
Barbanti offer their experience for the training of specialized technicians, with tailor-made courses. They also guarantee constant support to their distributors’ technical staff.

10. After-sale service
Barbanti is a reliable avant-garde partner; thanks to many years of experience, they are able to support their customers quickly and competently.

+… The MADE IN ITALY factor Barbanti operate in an over 5,000 sqm large buildingin Mirandola (MO), which includes a showroom where all the machines are available for clients to test, allowing them to choose the most suitable products for their needs.