Energy Saving: our solutions

We have designed some devices, either already applied or applicable to several of our machines, that allow money and energy savings!

Saving is possible and necessary:

– to reduce the global pollution;

– for an appropriate positioning in sector studies;

– for a healthier environment;

– to reduce energy costs, which are supposed to get higher and higher and have a stronger impact, reducing profits.


These issues have probably been considered a lot of times, but they have rarely been faced seriously or concretely.

In laundry and dry-cleaning plants, the highest energy consumption is to be found in the finishing department. In fact:

  • – Whilst the energy consumption of a washing machine is easy to calculate, is always negligible in relation to the washed garments, and is totally absent when the machine is idle, the real consumption is due to finishing operations, and this is hard to calculate.
  • – The steam generator is often switched on at the beginning of the day, even if the finishing process starts one hour later.
  • – All the machines are kept operational all the time with power and steam.
  • – The machines are not switched off the during lunch breaks.
  • – The machines are left turned on even when they are not operated.
  • – The quantity of garments to be finished often drops by the middle of the week, but the machines are constantly kept in operation.

This means that the electric meter keeps running fast, the kW consumption increases and the electricity bill becomes more and more expensive…

Stand-by Function

In order to really reverse this situation, we have designed a system, based upon our touch-screen computer, which, among endless possibilities, options and statistics for the machine control, includes a stand-by function that, when selected, switches off the machine after the previously set time in case of non-use, cutting the power and steam supply, to totally eliminate any energy consumption.
To use the machine again, you simply need to press a key, and the system will start the gradual restoration of all functions, which will be available again a few minutes later.
The control panel also allows you to check production, productivity, idle times, statistics and non-compliance with production rate even from your personal computer, and the new platform “CB Smart”, when installed, can be used for remote activation or suspension.


We have designed and patented this recovery system to take advantage of the condensate high temperature to pre-heat the internal air, thus increasing the temperature and reducing energy consumption and costs.


The hood recovers hot air from the drying phase and recycles it to use it again, to optimize both energy consumption and machine performance; moreover, the machine does not overheat the working room, keeping it healthier.

The photo, taken with a thermographic camera, clearly displays the perfect and optimal temperature distribution of the machine and the efficient hot air recovery through the hood, without the operator (highlighted in the green zone) being struck by its heat while remaining in the operating area.