CB Smart

CB Smart

The laundry and dry-cleaning industry steps into the future


Industry 4.0 comes to involve also the laundry and the apparel industry.
All companies are trying to overcome the past year’s crisis modernizing their machinery and investing to keep up with times. Their purpose is to acquire technological machines, that can provide more and more efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness, following the digitalization and interconnection trend.


Thanks to the upgrade of their range of machines, Barbanti now offers support for the interconnection for Industry 4.0, giving the opportunity to monitor, collect data and supply controls. This leads to the optimization of resources, a reduction of dispersions and the possibility to intervene where necessary.

This easy and user-friendly application, from both pc and mobile device, immediately gives the awareness of keeping the situation under control. According to the allocation set by the Customer (shops or central production units), it shows at the same time all the connected machines and complete information about the processed garments, productivity, idle times and much more.

It will be like having your finishing department at your fingertips.
With CB Smart, it is all under control.

The importance of analysis

CB Smart is even much more than that, being an instrument that, besides controlling the machines and collecting data and statistics, enables to view the history, to export data in order to prepare an analysis, to programme the production and evaluate possible discrepancies.

Interconnecting one’s machines and make them communicate with a specific application becomes essential. Just think of the importance of analysis of the collected information. Some small adjustment, some small trick can be crucial to reduce costs and make the machines work at their best.

Just think that, wherever you are and at any time, you will be able to see the following information for each interconnected machine: