Home and Dry

Chichester, UK

Julia Willkins, owner of Home and Dry (Sussex) talks about her experience.

Following a fire in our factory, we were forced to replace all of our finishing equipment.

After looking at several manufacturers, we went for Barbanti equipment. Our decision was based on the passion displayed by the Barbanti family and staff, always ready to help us to achieve our goals, the quality of manufacture as well as the ease of use of their machines.

We bought the following Barbanti products, all producing an excellent quality of finish: 467 Jacket Former, TP67 Trouser Topper, 403 Upsteam Table, 520 Collar and Cuff and 484 Single buck Shirt Machine.

We no longer need any qualified personnel. All of our staff can use the machinery and produce great results. Since we do not do dry cleaning, but only wet cleaning, the tensioning machines are essential to return the garments to a perfect shape.

We have now had the equipment for over 18 months. The finish quality is perfect. We trust the Barbanti distributor so much that he has the keys to our factory to show our equipment to other customers. According to our experience, we definitely recommend Barbanti.

Mrs. Julia Willkins

Home and Dry (Sussex) Limited