Textilpflege Weber

Krefeld, Germany

Christoph Weber, Junior Director of Textilpflege Weber, Krefeld, talks about his experience.

“Multimatic and Barbanti have been our suppliers of textile care machines for over 25 years.

When the volumes of shirts started increasing constantly, approximately 15 years ago, we chose Barbanti finishing technology to handle the multitude of shirts at the highest level, both from an economic and from a quality point of view.

The high reliability of the Barbanti products and the good after-sale service ensured by Multimatic are the reasons why we have always installed their most advanced finishing equipment since then.

At the beginning of 2019, we purchased the double-buck shirt finisher 883, both to increase our operators’ hourly production, and to further improve our quality.

Thanks to the excellent commissioning and the great support we got from the Barbanti technicians, we could achieve extraordinary finishing quality and high hourly production.

The fact that shirts are finished in a closed cabinet has also reduced the heat emissions around the machine, with consequent higher comfort for the operator.

In association with the double-buck collar and cuff press 551, the shirt finisher 883 is the ideal machine for plants with high volumes of shirts.”

Christoph Weber, Textilpflege Weber, Krefeld