Luxury Laundry

Rome, Italy

Andrea Giannantoni, owner of Luxury Laundry, Rome, tells us about his experience.

“Luxury Laundry is located in the heart of Rome and offers a variety of services, differentiated by type of customer and area of expertise, from small to large scale. Our goal is giving our customers the impression that the garment they hold in their hands has just been purchased in a boutique, not only because it is perfectly clean and ironed, but also because it is packed as if it were brand new.

We have chosen Barbanti because we are strongly convinced that they offer the very best industrial finishing equipment available in the market. Thanks to Roberto’s advice, we have managed to combine two essential values that distinguish us from all other laundries: quality, always pursued in all our actions, and now also quantity, ensured by the new machines supplied by Barbanti, that have allowed us to speed up the production and increase the quantity of garments we process daily.

We went for a shirt finisher, a jacket finisher, a vertical trouser press, a collar and cuff press and some up-steam tables. These machines make the operators work more comfortably and quickly, and allow them to proceed with just a few touch-ups where necessary, to deliver the very best finishing quality.

I am fully satisfied with my Barbanti machines; thanks to them, I have been able to increase the daily production of my company, ensuring the highest final quality with the same number of employees and with much shorter times.”

Andrea Giannantoni, Luxury Laundry, Rome