Great success for the “Barbanti Meeting” held on Saturday 9th October 2021 at their premises!

Considering the total lack of international exhibitions and being tired of webinars and video calls, Barbanti organized an in-person meeting, to show their achievements of the last year and the various innovations resulting from the constant investments in research and development that have always distinguished them.

One of the subjects was technology and, thanks to a very explicative chart, it was possible to show some real data concerning the production, consumption and performance of the Barbanti machines, and to demonstrate that, with the same staff, the more you equip yourself with performing and specific machines, the more you earn.

One of the stars of the day was the CB Smart platform, a technological innovation that helps entrepreneurs monitor production and provides important information to reduce consumption and optimize resources.

The meeting also gave space to topics of great interest such as subsidized finance. Barbanti had invited one of the main Italian experts in this field, who explained the available subventions and the famous ”Industry 4.0” opportunities, and answered the numerous questions on the subject.

Barbanti’s choice was clear: to let a third, authoritative and competent party speak, in order to shed light on the subject and advise those who want to follow this path to get all the necessary information from their trusted consultants, given the subjectivity of the various interconnection and integration conditions.

Moreover, all the eyes were turned to the new Shirt Finisher 494, which represents a further improvement of the Barbanti top-of-the-range machine, now even more ergonomic and user-friendly. The new model is a result of a long experience (30 years by now) and of careful listening to operators’ and technicians’ suggestions.

The factory tour and the various live demonstrations showed in detail the machine functions and the high finishing quality.

Unfortunately, given the current Covid emergency situation, the number of participants had to be limited, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Barbanti would like to point out that they are always ready to welcome customers to their showroom, without obligation, to test the machines and deepen the various subjects.