Daniel Moniri – Goldstück 24/7 talks about Barbanti

“I deliberately chose Barbanti machines because I had noticed at various trade exhibitions that their products were always one step ahead.

I consider Barbanti a highly innovative company; they constantly improve their products, and they design and manufacture machines that really last forever, being very reliable.

Innovation is essential also for my company. I have always invested in the newest technology, because I believe this is crucial not only to survive, but also to grow significantly.

I have purchased a lot of Barbanti machines since 2002, many of which are still in operation: several ironing tables T1 and TSFP, the shirt finisher 484, the collar and cuff press 520, the form finisher 467 and the trouser topper TP65. 

Let us take, for example, the shirt finisher: after buying the first machine in 2003, I have switched regularly to the next models, until I bought the 484. I am so happy with this newly developed machine, that I am even considering purchasing a new 484 shortly.

I can definitely assert that Multimatic and Barbanti have been playing an essential role in the development of my business.

Even in this extraordinary time, characterized by crisis and pandemic, having innovative and long-lasting high-technology machines represents the only way to make one’s company flexible and capable of adapting itself to the current times and to the most different needs.

I am proud of being mentioned among this company’s reference customers, and I already look forward to the technical innovations that Barbanti will release in future.”

Daniel Moniri – Goldstück 24/7


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